We are on a mission
to help your people love their jobs!

One strategy for building up engagement within your workforce is to provide your employees with learning opportunities.  Teach them about your industry.  Teach them about your business.    It tells them that what they know matters.  Give them the skills necessary to contribute to the success of your organization.  It tells them that what they do matters.

When you create an environment in which people can contribute to the success of the organization, you will create an organization where people’s hearts are in their work.

Knowledge Universe Leadership Series

This series of learning is intended for everyone from first-line managers to high potential leaders.  According to a Bersin & Associates 2012 Research Bulletin, The Changing Nature of Leadership Programs[i], “organizational stability and capability requires developing and building leaders at all levels of an organization.”  The goal of Carrera Lee’s Knowledge Universe Leadership Program is to increase the quality and bench strength of your company’s leadership pipeline by helping your emerging leaders develop and your existing leaders strengthen their business and strategic skills.

[i] The Changing Nature of Leadership Programs David Mallon and Laci Loew


We specialize in…

delivering training for IT Professionals.

We combine decades of real IT world experience with the curriculum from our elearning partner, Skillsoft from our strategic learning partner 360Solutions to bring you the most indepth and effective IT training that you can find.  It is often a real challenge for IT professionals to move into management because they must move away from time with their computers to move toward spending more time with their team members and with their internal and external customers.  We offer training programs that are geared toward helping the technical professional impove in the areas of interpersonal skills, influence, persuasion and customer service.

At Carrera Lee…

We believe that “knowledge” is used to solve real problems, not “memorized content”. We believe that “learning” is required in order to gain knowledge. We use the latest technologies to create a continuous social learning environment. By facilitating individual engagement, creativity, knowledge transfer and peer support, we ensure that newly acquired skills are used on the job and in real life.

Read about our methods…